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A Romance for Vampire Diaries Candice King and Steven Krueger star of The Originals kiss.

There seems to be a developing romantic relationship between a former Originals star and a Vampire journals alum. In a recent Instagram post, Candice King, who portrayed Caroline Forbes on The Vampire journals before, appeared to confirm her new relationship with Steven Krueger, who’s stylish known for playing Josh Rosa on The Originals, a derivation of The Vampire journals.
The actress participated a montage of her 2023 adventures on Wednesday, featuring voids of her dancing, traveling, and enjoying time with loved bones. Still, there was also footage of King, 36, kissing Krueger, 34, in the videotape.

” I chortled, I blabbed. I could not stop laughing.The post was identified” I loved,” by her.” Thanks for the cotillion 2023 🥂”

” Caroline and Josh weren’t on my 2023 bingo card but I am then for it 😍,” one addict wrote, expressing both shock and support for the couple. ” Are you with Steven?” Another stoner reflected,” OMG this is so amazing,” and a third said,” You were kissing Josh!!!!!!” They were” then for the soft launch” of King and Krueger’s relationship, as another addict put it. Get the stylish of PEOPLE, from celebrity news to gripping mortal interest stories, delivered straight to your inbox by subscribing to their free diurnal newsletter. King filed for divorce from The Fray guitarist Joe King in May 2022, further than a time ago, and it appears that King has verified her relationship with Krueger.

The former The couple, who were married for nearly seven times, had two daughters, Florence and Josephine. According to court records that PEOPLE was suitable to gain at the time, the actress filed because of” irreconcilable differences.”

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