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A significant shift in Medusa’s story is revealed by Percy Jackson’s executive producer.

In the forthcoming Disney series, Medusa — the fabulous antagonist of Percy Jackson — will give a deeper look into her own minatory history. The snake- headed woman is portrayed by Rick Riordan in his 2005 Percy Jackson and the Olympians books as one of the main character’s first significant triumphs.

The administrative patron of the television show and woman
of the author, Rebecca Riordan, bared to Variety that Medusa will have a back story this time around. She clarified that because the books are written in the first person,” the only reason Medusa isn’t further dilate out in the books was that it was Percy’s narrative and we do not have her perspective.”
” I do not suppose he’d the bandwidth for deconstructing the patriarchy as a 12- time-old boy in 2005,” Rick said.
” This is a scary woman who’s trying to turn me into gravestone,” was how he perceived it.
According to Rebecca, the pens’ room bandied Medusa’s story as” one of the first effects” to” not have a patriarchal lens.
“In the classic Greek tradition, Medusa is a woman who, as a sign of her devotion to the goddess of wisdom Athena, has pledged to remain single. ultimately, Medusa discovers who she’s in a cooperation with the ocean deity.

Poseidon. But one evening, the cooperation takes a sexual turn, with an hassle taking place in Athena’s tabernacle. also, as a form of discipline, Athena turns Medusa into a gorgon who can turn anyone in her direct line of sight to gravestone. She’s killed and her head is given to Athena by the god Perseus, after whom Percy Jackson is named.
Some interpretations claim that Poseidon sexually assaulted Medusa during their hassle at Athena’s tabernacle, which wasn’t subscribing

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