Avengers Infinity War Captain America Wakanda Shield

Having waited for months and months, we have officially reached to a point of time where this present year’s one of the most awaited superhero films, ‘Avengers Infinity War’, gets released on April 23, 2018. Within its initial release period, this film has already achieved a whooping rating of 9.1 on IMDB and a 86% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Along with a number of souvenirs and mementos for the admirers like us, Avengers Infinity War Captain America Wakanda Shield is one piece that has drawn everyone’s attention. Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) showed their boldness and audacity by replacing Captain America’s legendary around shield with the new edgy shields (plural because Captain America this time carries two shields in both of his hands). This development has been sought as quite attractive and it has already received tons of accolades from the viewers. This New Captain America Shield from Avengers Infinity War 2018 is a major performance upgrade given to one of its central characters.

Whenever we think of Captain America, a picture of a patriotic superhero gets drawn in the back of our heads along with a round shield with Red and White colors with a Star in the center. His shield is inspired from the US flag and it would not be wrong to state that the whole costume that he wears is inspired from the US flag and he brings patriotism and loyalty to his country with him. With Avengers Infinity War, MCU has upgraded his gears and minimal changes to his costume, his main weapon gets a noticeable upgrade and his upgrade is associated with Wakanda, so it is no lesser than the previous model, which has always hit the bad guys hard. As we have already discussed the futuristic features of Black Panther Vibranium Suit, this shield also comes from the same makers so it bears a lot fireworks as well.

Now let’s talk specifically about the new Avengers Infinity War Captain America Wakanda Shield but before we proceed, please have a look at the video added below:

As you could see, this Avengers Infinity War Captain America Wakanda Shield is beautifully made with nifty stitching done from top to bottom giving it a spectacular appearance. The stitching has been done over padding giving it a prominent and attractive appearance. It is made up of Synthetic / Faux leather and underneath is a flexible sheet that provides a foundation of its existence. Likewise the Black Panther Jacket, it comes in black color with a tap of silver color giving it an attention-grabbing appearance. At the top and bottom of it, there is a pointy appearance giving it a vertically stretched look. Since this shield is meant to be carried on arms, it comes with two elastic bands below it allowing you to carry it nice and easy.

In the end, all we could say is if you like this film, this Avengers Infinity War Captain America Wakanda Shield from MovieStarJacket is indeed a keepsake you must own.

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