Black Panther Vibranium Suit – All You Need To Know

After our comparison post on Black Panther VS Erik Killmonger, a point rises leading us to another blog post: Black Panther Vibranium Suit. Likewise the comics, Marvel’s Black Panther films Black Panther wearing a suit, which is named as, ‘Vibranium Suit’. This suit has special abilities that add to Black Panther superpowers. Actor Chadwick Boseman did speak in detail about his costume in the film saying that vibranium suit has a marvelous ability to absorb the attacks from an opponent. He told EW:

Chadwick Boseman gives his opinion about the Black Panther Vibranium Suit in Black Panther 2018 movie.
Chadwick Boseman’s opinion about the Black Panther Vibranium Suit from the movie.

Black Panther is the leader of Wakanda, the most technologically advanced country of the world and an African nation. His suit is made up of Vibranium, an element having abundant supply in Wakanda and it is the same material of which Captain America’s shield is made of. This material acts as the most important natural resource of Wakanda and additionally in King T’Challa case, where it has been used to build up his suit. His suit is distinctive and it could be seen in almost every promotional material of the film.

In the film, there is a scene showing the Black Panther riding on the top of remote-controlled vehicle (controlled by his sister, Shuri). In the same scene, some fleeing assailants openned straight fires on Black Panther but those bullets bounced right off his suit as soon as they hit him. What actually happened was when those bullets hit him, the Black Panther Vibranium suit actually got charged by the kinetic energy those bullets were carrying. This means that being hit actually makes his suit more powerful and that is definitely a bad news for his opponents. Later in the scene, the Black Panther takes a jump to hood of the fleeing vehicle and bangs (redistributes) with his changed up suit causing it to flip.

A point to consider over here that Black Panther is not true superhuman. Just like Marvel’s Iron Man, Black Panther does not possess any superpowers; instead, he uses physical prowess and martial arts abilities, science and technology, combat skills, detective skills, his own core genius intellect, acrobatics and indomitable authority coupled with his Vibranium suit. This suit is also a tradition of Wakanda as this Vibranium material has fundamental significance to their development and advancement and it is more practical to use a suit made up of this material for safeguarding their land from both internal and external threats.

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Black Panther Leather Jacket in MovieStarJacket
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