Black Panther vs Erik Killmonger – Good vs Evil On Big Screen

After the review of Marvel’s Black Panther film 2018, many fans would love to read the chemistry between Black Panther vs Erik Killmonger, so keep reading this post as we have already reviewed and blogged it | Marvel Black Panther 2018 continues to be a blockbuster film with its tremendous success on box office. It is tale of a fictional superhero made its appearance in American Comic Books published by Marvel Comics. In the film, Black Panther (real name in the film: T’Challa) is pictured as a King and a protector of a fictional African nation known as Wakanda. Played by Chadwick Boseman, the character of Black Panther possesses brilliant abilities. He is a strategist, tactician and a scientist. He also masters the art of fighting and his combat skills include unique hybrid fighting style combining acrobatics and fighting style of wild animals like lion, tight, puma and panther. T’Challa belongs to royal family, which is also a warrior race; thus, his combat moves depict the same as the blood flows in his veins. While fighting, he can use a variety of weapon as he is also a master of armed combats but prefers unarmed combats being hands to hands with his opponents. He returns to his nation (people of Wakanda) as a king to deal with both inside and outside enemies of his people. He hails from South Carolina after graduating from Howard University reconnects to where he lost Wakanda at.

His opponent, Erik Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan, is the main rival of Black Panther. He wants to dethrone the Black Panther paving his way to become the king of Wakanda. He wants to do so because he think it would be good for his people but it does not do any good for the rest of the world; instead it would only create a chaos, so here goes Black Panther vs Erik Killmonger fight on big screen. For most of the viewers of the film, the character of Killmonger does one of the best villains Marvel has ever come with and the way Jordan portrayed it, it was more like icing of the cake. His character is fully armed with agility, strength and fighting power controlled by a strategic mind and a dark soul. Likewise Black Panther, Erik Killmonger gets his own vibranium Black Panther suit, which allows him to even lock horns with T’Challa. Like every villain, Erik Killmonger hates Black Panther and wants to take him out of his way. Unlike T’Challa, he and his father (played by Sterling K. Brown as N’Jobu) are mostly considered as outsiders to Wakanda and they wanted to extend Wakanda’s freedom to the other people of the world instead of hiding their country’s prosperity from the world.

Black Panther vs Erik Killmonger - Fight For The Wakanda
Black Panther vs Erik Killmonger | The story of an ultimate battle between two warriors.


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