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Calfskin Leather Stunning Revelation from MovieStarJacket

Calfskin Leather

Elegance, richness, durability, and versatility, all of these traits point towards the qualities of Real / Natural leather. For centuries, a large variety of garments products like jackets, coats, pants / chaps, shoes, belts, and even watch straps have been manufactured using this material. Being extracted from the hides of different animals, each type of leather has its own very specific traits and qualities. Apart from that, handling, tanning process, and finishing techniques also tend to vary from leather to leather. Among different leather types, calfskin leather has its unique and distinctive characteristics, and today, MovieStarJacket is proud to take the opportunity to throw some light on this premium leather type.
Calfskin leather, as the name suggests,, is the leather processed from the hides of calves and young cows. It is noticeable even from a viable distance for the trained eyes,, but it may be hard to notice for the general public. From the grains aspect, it has finer grains, and its pores are comparatively smaller, so smaller that you may not even be able to see them with novice eyes. If we talk about the touch of it, it has a class of its own. It shares some characteristics with cowhide leather, but it has a segregated feel and touch. It is lighter in weight and has a suppler touch than its counterpart, cowhide leather. It is butter smooth and has a level of elasticity that cowhide leather can never have.
Price-wise, it is significantly more expensive than cowhide leather because of its premium qualities and features. And this is why the price tags such articles bear may also scare some buyers. Because of its unsurpassed and unmatched characteristics, premium products like wallets, long wallets and clutches, small bags, patent leather shoes, premium belts, watches’ straps, and gloves are manufactured out of it. Please note that larger items such as leather jackets, vests, coats, and pants / chaps are not usually made of it as they would become more expensive to own / afford. The articles / products made out of it are luxurious and premium, particularly for those with a distinctive and rich taste in leather products; its products are just meant for them.
To conclude the above discussion, calfskin leather is proven for its richness, exquisiteness, strength, and adaptability. It is renowned for its super-fine grains, small / unnoticeable pores, and supple (butter smooth) feel and touch. It is much lighter and more elastic than cowhide leather, and price-wise, it is a more expensive and luxurious option. This type of leather is commonly used for small products like wallets, small handbags, premium leather shoes, belts, watches’ straps, and gloves. It is distinguishable from its looks. It is highly glossy / polished, and you will even be able to see your reflection in it, just like a reflective mirror.

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