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DC’s Justice League 2018 – Failure That May Lead To Success

As opposed to what we all had anticipated, DC’s Justice League 2018 did not do well on the big screen! Yes, you heard us right! DC’s Justice League 2018, a superhero packed film was not a record-breaker even on the US box office. It did not even officially surpass its previous blockbuster film, Wonder Woman (2017) and it is their lowest grossing film. To be fair, the film was not even able to beat their 2016’s film ‘Suicide Squad’, which gathered around $750 million globally out of which, $325 million was earned in the US locally. The figures of Justice League were quite disappointing as it only grossed $229 million in the US market. With those disappointing figures, DC’s Justice League is considered a ‘red flag’ as opposed to Marvel’s Black Panther, which turned out to be a record-breaking success. Another point to consider is the said film featured world’s some of the most famous superheroes and it failure rises a number of questions on their popularity as well.

Seeing such disappointing figures of DC’s Justice League 2018, the film’s finance consultant had some pessimistic words to say. As per Rob Cain, these disappointing figures pose a real threat to DC Comics’ upcoming films like Aquaman and a sequel to ‘Justice League. As everyone knows that DC Comics and Marvel Comic are archrivals and in order to assure its dominance over the other, DC’s first step should be to take a deep breath and realize what has caused them to reach to this point. With the exception to DC’s Wonder Women and to some extent 2016’s Suicide Squad, DC Universe (DCEU) has so many lessons to learn with most important being the viewers’ actual representation. Just like what the Black Panther did as it showed the values of African-American audiences to the masses. Also, if DCEU should come up with fresh faces and fine-tune their monotonous state of films. Whatever the future unfolds for DCEU, it is never too late for the franchise to get back on the track.

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