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Differentiating between a Varsity Jacket and a Baseball Jacket

Varsity Jacket

Initially introduced in the US to be worn by university athletes, the varsity jackets became a staple in fashion clothing. These outerwear pieces are trendy among youngsters, and it would not be unjust to proclaim that it is youth’s signature outerwear piece. Apart from other worth mentioning qualities, these pieces are incredibly comfortable to wear. Along with the list of materials used in their manufacturing process, the cuts, size, and construction of these pieces make them ideal to be donned as casual / everyday clothing items. The closest twin of it is a “Basketball Jacket”, and both the pieces are so similar that commonly people cannot distinguish in-between. Today, MovieStarJacket assumes the honor of differentiating between a Varsity Jacket and a Baseball Jacket.

Varsity Jacket vs. Baseball Jacket

Basic Points Varsity Jackets Baseball Jackets
Originally worn by: University sports teams & members. Baseball players.
Style: Loose-fit / sports. Loose-fit / sports.
Collar: Knit rib collar. Spread / folding collar.
Sleeves & cuffs: Contrast sleeves in leather & knit rib cuffs. Contrast sleeves in same material.
Back: Graphics detail. Team name at the back
Length: Standard / regular. Cropped
Graphics: Team logo and name at the back. Team logo and name at the back.


Additionally, the baseball jackets were originally manufactured using a single material for the whole article, as there were no changes between the body and sleeves. However, in the varsity jackets, the material for the body is wool / wool-blend or fleece, and for the sleeves, leather (real or synthetic) is used in the manufacturing. These slight differences make a huge impact; thus become the reason for the development of a whole new species of outerwear pieces. Both pieces are separate entities meant to serve entirely different purposes.

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