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Jack Black Joins the Cast of the Video Game Adaptation of Minecraft

ac Black, star of Kung Fu Panda, is the newest big name to join the cast of the upcoming Minecraft movie.

This gives Black a second role in a video game film; he portrayed the evil Bowers in The Super Mario Bros. Movie from the previous year. Jared Hess, who starred in Napoleon Dynamite, will helm the Minecraft film. More information about the story and characters is still being withheld.

Jason Momoa will collaborate once more on the untitled project with Mary Parent, the producer of Dune, who is producing alongside Roy Lee.
A producing credit is also being given to the late Jill Mes sick, who worked on the movie before she passed away in 2018.

Jon Berg, Mary Parent, Cale Boyer, Torfi Frans Alanson, and Vu Bui are the producers; executive producers are Todd Hallow ell, Kaylee Walters, Brian Mendoza, and Jonathan Spaihts.

When was the video game Minecraft released?

After being released in 2011, the massively popular video game went on to sell over 300 million copies worldwide. Because of its success, Microsoft paid $2.5 billion to acquire Mojave. There have been plans to make a movie based on the series for a number of

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