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Mankind Began Wearing Leather Almost 40000 Years Ago – Study Reveals


Mankind Began Wearing Leather

Mankind | You may be surprised to know that, as per the new study, the use of leather as a garment began around 40,000 years ago. It is the talk of the last Ice Age. In that study, a prehistoric bone (supposedly a tool) with unique indentations showed that its purpose was to punch holes in the animal hides. So it is confirmed that our primitive ancestors used real leather to cover themselves up to survive during the frigid cold.

A bone, possibly a hip bone from bison, was discovered at a site named Terrasses de la Riera dels Canyars near Barcelona, Spain. Research teams use a technique called “Experimental Archaeology” in which they try out ancient tools to see how they used to perform in the past. The same technique was used to study the said tool to replicate the gestures employed by prehistoric people and to observe the results. During the study, it was observed that after punching a hole in the hides of animals, a thread could be pushed through the hide with a tool (a pointed one) in order to make a right seam.

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