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Past few years have taught us a lesson that you cannot leave a good character go ignored in Hollywood. Be it a superhero or his’ equal super opponent; this formula remains a universal constant. When it comes to a league of superheroes and villains, no one beats Marvel Comics (commonly known as, “Marvel”). We all have been quite familiar with Spider-Man (one of Marvel’s most famous superhero characters) but how many of us still have the reminisces of the ‘Venom’? Being the spinoff character of Spider-Man, a movie based on the Venom has already been scheduled to hit the US box office in October (precisely on October 05, 2018). Yes, we are talking about none other than Marvel Venom Film 2018. But before we move on and have a look that how this upcoming movie is going to be, let’s have a look at its official trailer first.

At the present point of time, Marvel Venom Film 2018 is set to be directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) and it would feature Tom Hardy playing the leading character in the film as Eddie Brock. Apart from Tom Hardy, the film would also feature Jenny Slate, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed and Woody Harrelson as one of the main characters. As far as the information available online, it appeared that Sony Pictures would follow the footsteps set by Deadpool and would make a solo debut of a violent character in a R-rated film but thank god, it is not the case; at least to the present point of time. As per Variety, Venom (based on a Marvel Comics property), would not be Sony’s first R-rated film, most probably. The said film is most likely to stick to the very PG-13 rating without crossing over into a higher rating.

Now let’s talk a bit about the second official trailer of Marvel Venom Film 2018. It features a bunch of sharp teeth and a tentacle-like tongue dripping the saliva here and there. It just look terrifying seeing the trailer on YouTube. Venom Japanese poster has also been released showing Venom’s close up and it is scary as hell. The said trailer released on July 31, 2018 showed a battle between Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed (now it has been revealed that Riz Ahmed would be featured as the villain in the film). It showcased a peek at some of the other symbiotes and their hosts as both engage in a battle enveloped in their respective alien partners. Sony also confirmed quite a bit about the Venom in their studio’s Comic-Com panel past month (i.e. July, 2018). Along with other details, they also confirmed that Venom would faceoff an equivalent symbiote named Riot.

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