Marvel’s Black Panther 2018 – Review Of A Cinemophile

Marvel’s Black Panther 2018 (debuted on Friday, February 16, 2018) is the first blockbuster film of 2018 and who would have thought that its success would be that huge! It is literally all over the place and people throughout the world are like crazy for it. Apart from the amazing cinematography itself, the tale of the film is itself just wonderful and the whole crew of Black Panther did the wonders. Followed by the events of Captain America: Civil War (2016), Black Panther also holds the crown as being Marvel’s 1st ‘Black Superhero’ film with a lesson that teen nervousness never disappears even when you are a fully grown up man with so much ambition and vigor. The film also carries a political aspect as well making it the first ever film of its kind from the makers.

The main part of any film, the acting, was really up to the mark. The two main protagonists of the film i.e. T’Challa / Black Panther, an intelligent warrior, played by Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan; Erik Killmonger, another intelligent warrior and both played their roles really well. With their different opinions emerged that of civil rights leaders making the Marvel’s Black Panther 2018 more interesting and attention grabbing. Moreover, the battles between the ideas of those two leaders make it an extremely interesting film to watch. The fight scenes were simply on the par, not that great as we witnessed watching Captain America and/or Daredevil, yet the film manages to keep our interest intact. The fight scene were basically more of tactical rather than intense battle and strong action packed scenes. In the scenes, spears, swords, daggers were used along with various classic shields for protection / guard. I am quite sure that after watching this film, many spectators would dire to have a sword and shield wall showpiece in their living rooms.

Lastly, I personally believe that the success of Marvel’s Black Panther 2018 is also because of its diversity. Rather than being based on a plot where only one superhero and a couple of superheroes come together to save the world, the main protagonists of the film work with other to save the world and it is a quite exciting fact about it. It is not an average Marvel film, where only one or some characters are under the spotlight. It is a film, where every character has its role to play and that role is made highlighted. The whole crew did exceptionally well and it is everyone’s effort that the film is a record-breaking success. With this, I conclude this review and hope that films like that will continue to hit the box office.

black panther 2018 - marvel's new blockbuster
review of Marvel’s Black Panther 2018 film


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