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Ryan Gosling’s scorpion jacket from “Drive” – MovieStarJacket Proudly Explains

scorpion jacket

Scorpion Jacket By Ryan Gosling

In 2011, the American action-crime film “Drive” was released, and Ryan Gosling portraying the main character as a getaway driver, was spotted wearing a distinctively attractive jacket was the addition of broad golden scorpion embroidery at the back. Unlike the conventional approach, Ryan Gosling scorpion jacket was not a leather jacket; instead, it was made of ivory-white Satin fabric. To augment its look, it had quilted rhombus shape stitching detail over it. It was a mens bomber jacket, and the audience loved it. His jacket perfectly complimented his dramatic character, and to the current date, it is internet’s one of the most searched outerwear pieces.

The design of the scorpion gosling jacket from Drive was simple, and yet, it was truly amazing. The two-tone golden scorpion embroidery at the back contrasting the ivory-white color of the Satin fabric looked remarkable. The Satin material added a glossy touch to it and fully supported the sleek look of the outerwear. The addition of the scorpion was meant to represent Gosling’s bold and dramatic character throughout the movie, and it did a perfect job there! It came into existence as an effortless piece of fashion, and apart from the embroidery at the back, there were no embellishments and no unnecessary designing, nothing. It was kept plain and straightforward.

It featured a folding-style collar swathed with a dark brown knit rib. Its collar also had a miniature strap with a snap-tab button, which remained open throughout the movie’s scenes. It further featured knit-rib cuffs at the sleeves and a knit-rib waistband. The dark brown of the knit rib perfectly contrasted with the ivory-white color of the Satin fabric, creating a smooth and refined silhouette. It also added depth to the jacket by creating a visual contrast. The fit of it was kept snug, neither too loose nor too tight. It was also comfortable to wear as top-notch quality Polyester was used inside it as a liner.

In conclusion, Ryan Gosling’s jacket from Drive movie is a legendary outerwear piece that captured the hearts of millions and millions of fans. Its key feature includes the existence of the broad and noticeable golden scorpion embroidery at the back. Supporting its key feature are a number of other features like rhombus-shaped quilted stitching detail on ivory white satin fabric, knit-rib collar, armholes, sleeves’ cuffs, and waistband. What makes it extremely comfortable to wear is the utilization of premium quality Polyester as a liner. And whether carried on a fashion piece or worn as paying tribute to the film or Gosling’s iconic character, you can never go wrong with it!

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