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Synthetic Microfiber Leather

synthetic microfiber leather

Synthetic Microfiber Leather

Synthetic Microfiber leather | Luxury and leather go on together. Since the Stone Age, humanity has always been fascinated with it, which is why it has been used. In today’s modern world, the combo of Luxury and leather is seen as lethal, and when done right, it is sure to outshine other options. Among the different types of leather available, Microfiber leather is a type of synthetic fabric made up of tiny fibers, as its name suggests it already. It is often used to make bags, purses, and shoes because it is soft and comfortable. The fibers/threads are woven together to make the material flexible but not too thin or fragile, making it a good choice for certain types of goods.

Advantages of Microfiber leather synthetic

Microfiber leather has several advantages over traditional materials like natural leather, canvas, denim, and Polyester. One of the most favorable facts that add to its brilliance is that it is made from more environmentally friendly materials than most other options. It uses less water to produce, saving much of this scarce natural resource. And that is not all! It does not need to be treated with chemicals during its production. It also does not attract dirt towards itself and does not smell as much as untreated leather does. Those who are very particular about pong coming out of untreated leather can save a lot of time and energy, so you do not need to clean your microfiber leather article with soap and water.

Disadvantages of Microfiber leather synthetic

Likewise any other thing, Microfiber leather also has its own few known drawbacks. Because it is Synthetic leather (manufactured material) rather than natural leather, it is usually less strong and durable than other types of natural leather. Natural leather can last for years; if taken care of right, it can last even for a decade. But that is not the case with Microfiber leather, as its lifespan is short. Indeed, it can last for two to three years but not more than that. It also tends to shed fuzz more quickly than most natural fibers do. It can make it look less polished than others with smoother textures, likewise in the case of linen or cotton.


Microfiber leather is being used in a variety of items. Some of the most famous categories in which it is being used are footwear, apparel, automotive interior, furniture, and sports equipment. Furthermore, it is more than just unbranded or cheap items are being produced with it; some of the world’s most celebrated and established brands are using it in their product range. If you have an item/product made up of it or are planning to get one, your choice is correct, and no one will take it as a cheap one.


Microfiber leather is one of the high-end faux leather types known to humanity, and we can safely state that it imitates natural leather remarkably. It is a much-improved form of Synthetic/Faux leather, and it came into existence after years of research and learning. The world is going green. People prefer eco-friendly products than ever before. They know that future survival is only possible if we reduce waste and use/consume less scarce natural resources. Microfiber leather fits in the equation well. It is reasonably durable, lightweight, soft, and resistant to water. It is also composed of Polyester and Nylon, both breathable materials; hence, it can be an ideal choice for articles we wear, like apparel and footwear. 

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