Thanos Infinity Gauntlet From Avengers Infinity War

Marvel’s upcoming superhero film Avengers: Infinity War (also known as The Avenger 3) is all set to show a nerve-racking between Avengers 3 team of superheroes Vs a villain i.e. Thanos as he is armed the legendary weapon we all know as Thanos Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers Infinity War. As opposed to the fact that we are familiar with the storylines where a single hero or a superheroes alone saves the world from the threats; Avengers Infinity War shows a plethora of superheroes fighting against a single villain called Thanos.

In the film, the character of Thanos is armed with a hand glove called Infinity Gauntlet and it comes with a number of super powers. The same weapon is designed to hold six pieces of gems, which are known as the Infinity Gems. And that’s not all! Each of the gems comes with its own special powers like there is a gem called the Time Gem, which has the power manipulate the time and let its master use all the aspect of time including the time travel, slowing down or speeding up the time, stopping the time completely and/or accelerating and decelerating the natural process the aging. A gem named Space Gem bears the control over space and allows its carrier to teleport, to control various dimensions and to create wormholes at their own will.

Another gem named Soul Gem lets you have a complete control over both the living and dead souls, which further leads to be able to let evolve and devolve a being along with his original core physical and mental capabilities. There is another gem named Reality Gem, which enables its holder to have a control over the natural laws of the universe like law of divine oneness, law of vibration, law of action and etc. One gem is called Power Gem and like the name states, it allows the wearer to increase and/or decrease any prevailing force. Last but not the lease, a gem named as Mind Gem, which taps the bearer into universal consciousness allowing his to gain access to unlimited manipulation to powers like telepathy and telekinesis.

All of these aforementioned gems lead to formation of an ultimate weapon like Infinity Gauntlet, which the evil Thanos holds in the film. Now we get to know that why it takes a whole full-fledged  team of superheroes to take on a villain of that caliper. Do note that the Avengers Infinity War also showcases the new Captain America shield as an upgrade along with Black Panther Vibranium suit so get ready for an immense battle.

Thanos Infinity Gauntlet From Avengers Infinity War
Thanos Infinity Gauntlet From Avengers Infinity War 2018 Superhero Film From Marvel Studios.


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