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Men Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets For Men Collection by MovieStarJacket

Owning  Leather Jacket Men have increasingly become a status symbol, especially amongst youngsters and those with lively hearts beating in their chests. Amongst many choices that one has when choosing the best ones, one thing is constant, or it is more like a universal truth now that a perfectly crafted leather garment always gets you excited. Color-wise, you can choose from a wide range of colors, including black, brown, gray, blue and red, and every color has its own hardcore cult. Regardless of the different variety of colors it has to offer, wearing your favorite piece of clothing transforms you into a hero of your own realm. Furthermore, it is not just the style and appeal you get with it as a plus; it is a feeling of warmth and utmost comfort that you enjoy that is beyond description.

Our collection offers you many ways to style yourself. Equally popular amongst people from different walks of life, including bikers/motorcyclists, engineers, drivers, pilots, police / military personals, tourists/voyagers, and fashion-savvy beings; you will always be able to find a leather garment for you that fulfills all your needs and requirements. You love doing what you gotta do in your daily routine life, or apart from your professional affiliation, you have a hobby that defines what you are; there is no other better option than wearing a leather apparel of your choice. Get one for yourself and let it have the vocals that you have deep down in your personality.

Likewise every other domain of clothing, some colors tend to be more dominant and overpowering than the rest. In the world of fashion, black and brown colors enjoy that spot. This duo of colors has the tiara of being the most leading and loved leather outerwear and being a fan here, you cannot simply doll up your closet without having those. And within the range of this duo, you can have plenty of choices, and if for any reason you opt-in only for it, you are still going to be the talk of the town. The sole purpose of a nicely made leather outerwear coat/jacket is not just protection from the harsh atmosphere but what you get with it as a plus in enormous.

Leather Jacket Men have already been adopted in different cultures and lifestyles, including but limited to racing, motorcycle/bike riding, aviation, military and even music. Yes! That is the truth. This clothing also engulfs different music cultures like pop, rock and everyone’s secretive favorite, heavy metal. You will always find genuine/real leather outerwear customized to the needs and requirements of every single domain. Features-wise, things keep changing, but the core, the essence, and the soul remains the same. Carrying the legacy forward, MovieStarJacket assumes the honor of presenting its collection. We are an online shopping store where you will find top-notch quality of mens winter leather jacket at the most sensible price. With years of experience and having served worldwide customers, we can offer the best value to our valued customers against their spending.

A Man's Feeling For His Leather Jacket

Leather outerwear started to gain popularity in the early 50s when the celebrities and superstars of the era, having huge fan-following, began to show up on the screen wearing those. And when those fans saw that, they were heavily influenced. Since then, the masses began to develop love and affection for that particular genre of clothing. The Vintage mens leather jacket trend continues, and fad passes from generation to generation, but its hype is not getting down anytime soon. When today’s contemporary and informed man buys a leather outerwear coat/jacket, he naturally develops fondness and magnetism towards it. Being a superbly versatile piece of garment and adaptable with almost everything, it acts both as a fashion piece and a garment that offers protection against harsh wind and rain.

How Should A Leather Jacket Fit? Good vs. Bad vs. Ugly


Collar & Shoulder: Starting from the upper part, our leather garments are made half an inch roamer on the shoulder for a good and comfortable fit, offering enough room for you to move around while making you look well-shaped and well-built. The same goes for the collar, as it stays neither too wide open nor too tight. Staying within the limits of perfection is what we do.

Chest: The chest is the area which requires years of expertise to master to fit. Staying 3 inches higher than the actual body chest size drapes the perfect size, and whether you opt to either zip or button up or close, it is your call, but it has to sit perfectly on around your chest area.

Sleeves: Though it appears to be the easiest part of crafting a perfect-fit outerwear but in reality, the slightest mistake here can ruin the whole appearance. Ideally, it’s not just the cuffs’ length that must sit on the top of the wrist; at biceps and forearms region, neither it shoulder be too loose nor too tight as it is only going to make you feel uncomfortable.

Waist: Likewise, its counterpart (chest), the waist also requires much attention. Unlike the other aspects, the abdomen (the waist/belly region) does not keep a shape as it changes when we sit or move. For that, we stay 4 inches higher than the actual body waist size. Furthermore, the shape and cut made from the chest to the waist are bound to complement your body.

Length: Last but not least, the length is one feature that does vary from style to style and utility to utility. The men leather outerwear jackets/coats are meant to fit especially on the waist; a casual outerwear should be lengthened to moderate while a coat or a blazer is lengthened even more.

How Should A Leather Jacket Fit

Men's Leather Jacket For Every Season

If you truly love something, you will always find a reason to have it close to you; the same goes for leather garments. Looking visually tempting to grab the attention regardless of any of the four seasons or even if it is raining outside, there is always a type of leather garment that goes with the flow. In Spring and Summer, lambskin and sheepskin leather are preferable, whereas buffalo and cowhide add to the list and become the best leather jacket for men. The lambskin, calfskin and sheepskin leather has a soft and supple touch, and when it is coupled with Polyester lining inside, it is more likely to be chosen as a Spring and Summer garment as it is not warm itself; it is an insulator that prevents the heat of the body from getting exposed to the external air. In Winter, buffalo and cowhide leather coupled with lambskin and sheepskin leather makes its way to the list, and with the addition of quilted Polyester lining or a Sherpa / Shearling and/or Fur, they become ideal for the chilly season.

Leather Jacket For Every Season

Casual vs. Formal Look

Ever since the charm and charisma of them have gone far beyond stardom, making its way to the wardrobe of the masses, fashion designers have explicitly shown their creativity. They have introduced so many designs that one simply can’t have enough. In today’s modern era, you will encounter so many new and innovative designs that you can carry on different formal and informal (casual) occasions. Vintage mens leather jacket outerwear with a shirt-style folding collar is sought to have more of a professional stance, and regardless of the fact that whether it has a zip closure or a buttoned one, you can elegantly carry one to your office. The same goes for utility jackets, blazers, coats (including pea coats, car coats, duster and trench coats) and bomber jackets. Now let’s look at the options one has for informal (casual) voyages. You can safely choose between biker/motorcycle jackets, vintage style café racers jackets, moto jackets, flight jackets and suede/nubuck jackets.

Casual vs Formal Leather Jackets

Your New Best Friend

Being around us for decades and even centuries, these fashion pieces have been a timeless and everlasting piece of fashion that will surely never be outdated or out of style anytime soon. We can safely exemplify this with “Friendship”. Just like friendship, when you have it around, you will feel its warmth, comfort and relief. It is bold and versatile and helps you maintain a bold style statement. Not only that, its style and functionality go unmatched when it comes to having something on the upper part of your body. With a massive variety of designs in various colors and sizes, you can never go wrong with your style statement if you plan to add a “leather outerwear” to the list of options. The fashion designers have been here to ensure that no matter your preference or requirement, there’s always a type of mens leather jacket with hood that fulfils and suffices you.

Ideas on decorating your leather jacket

It is undoubtedly a domain where most people tend to stay silent as it is a personalized thing, and not everyone would even think of going through this precise procedure. However, just like any other thing, you can also decorate or modify your favorite outerwear based on your personality, preference and requirements. Apart from the great variety already existing in our store, you can always go one step ahead and ascend the appearance of your favorite outerwear, whether made up of lambskin/sheepskin leather or buffalo /cowhide leather

Customized/Personalized embroidered patches: One of the most common mods you can opt for is to add customized/personalized embroidered patches on your best leather jacket for men This mod has been around for quite some time. For many people, it may not appear attractive as we have already stated that it is one of the most common mods, and when anyone begins to think in this direction, he will lend to this idea. Its availability is also not a hassle, as you can easily find your favorite patches online. These embroidered patches represent one’s likeness for artwork, nature, music, sports, culture and perhaps a hobby or religious affiliation.

Customized/Personalized badges and emblems: Another common type of mods your favorite leather outerwear can undergo is adding customized/ personalized badges and emblems. The difference between embroidered patches and badges and emblems is that the patches are usually permanently affixed using stitching. In contrast, the badges and emblems generally have a needle at the back, and they can be added when needed and taken off quickly without any hassle. This feature makes it more sensible, and adding badges and emblems to your favorite outerwear is exciting for many people. You can also find those online, and they can also be custom-made as per your desire.

Customized/Personalized paintwork: One of the mods you can always think of is to paint it. You can do it yourself (DIY) or hire someone to do this job for you. Just like body tattoos, some artists would be happy to exhibit their talent and creativity. They can paint something you like or something that represents you and your personality. If you think you have a hidden artist in yourself, give it a try and paint something you want, or you think it deserves to be on it for the world to see.

Styling with metal rivets, studs and spikes: Adding metal rivets, studs and spikes are also one of the mods you can do to it. It is an everlasting feature that has been around for decades and has earned immense popularity already amongst the masses. Today, these tiny pieces of metal are readily available online and offline in different shapes, designs and sizes. Now let’s talk about the impact these make. These are meant to give you a bold and striking appearance and are subject to bring home courage and enthusiasm. MovieStarJacket highly recommends this mod as it is more beefy and masculine to have a leather garment with studs, rivets and spikes.

Dying: Instead of having customized/personalized paintwork on it, dying is like repainting your leather outerwear in a color you like or in a relatively exclusive and unique shade that is not easily seen in the market. To do this mod, you need to have extensive knowledge about the dying process of leather at an advanced level. You can opt for complete dying, or you can have a minimalistic approach and opt for dual-tone dying or multiple-fold dying, making abstract art on it. The process can be either delicate or robust, as it is your favorite leather outerwear, so it is your call.

Ideas on decorating your leather jacket

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Answered Below:


Are leather jackets worn only in winter

There is certainly no better time for it. Be it winter or summer! As discussed above, a leather jacket is an insulator, and you can wear it any time of the year. And this is why the utility it offers is immense.

Are leather jackets still in the spotlight?

Yes, they have been in the spotlight and have earned a huge fan following worldwide. Unlike other fashion pieces, fashion designers keep introducing new styles and designs; therefore, they never get outdated. Furthermore, there is a whole genre of classic and a vintage mens leather jacket  where the old fashion pieces go and stay there as timeless articles.

What are the most loved men leather jackets styles?

The most loved styles include bomber jackets, motorcycle jackets, café racer jackets, leather blazers and leather car coats. These are the most loved styles worldwide, and if you already love one, why not get one from MovieStarJacket?

Are leather jackets for men business/corporate casual?

Yes for sure! You can never go wrong with it in a casual business/corporate environment. Most modern offices allow the employees to carry semi casual dressing, and to take advantage of it, mens leather jackets are indispensable.

Are motorcycle leather jackets windbreakers?

Yes, they are windbreakers and provide protection against the harsh wind that a biker is exposed to when riding a motorcycle. Some of these jackets also come with CE-approved safety/protection padding, which provides a safety layer on the road. These are also used as fashion garments as they have particular appeal and an established fan base.

Are vintage leather jackets for men water/rainproof?

Yes! They are water/rainproof. They do not let your body get exposed to outside water. One of its most exciting features is that elegance and excellence go on together.

What is best for men in Lambskin leather and Cowhide leather?

Both types have their utility, and you can easily decide based on your preference. If you prefer a soft, supple touch and more flexibility, go with the Lambskin leather. If you want to stay close to nature and want natural cowhide grains on your garment along with a tough and sturdy stance, go with Cowhide leather.

How to clean mens leather jackets?

It is recommended to dry clean them. You must use the service of the cleaning professionals to have those washed. However, you can also clean them using leather cleaning products to do that job for you.

Can we iron a mens leather jacket with hood?

Yes, you can iron those, but there is a condition. Avoid direct contact with the iron, as the heat can burn the skin. If ironing is indispensable, set it to the lowest setting and put the towel between the iron and the leather jacket and then iron it carefully. Be extremely cautious, as it may destroy the beauty of the jacket if this step is not followed.

How to buy mens leather jackets online in the perfect size?

If you are US based, you can choose your size from our Size Chart. However, if you are from elsewhere, take your actual body measurements in inches or centimeters and measure those against the sizing details mentioned in the Size Chart. And if you are still confused, worry not, as you can always Contact Us for further assistance.

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