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Mens Leather Bomber Jacket

A Classic Fashion Staple: Men's Leather Bomber Jackets


Out of so many good things about leather jackets and coats for men and women, one thing is that their recipe always includes an amalgamation of style and practicality. What else could we get to wear on the upper part of our body in a better way apart from these options? The answer to this is “none”. An appealing appearance is vital for any event or function, and by having these in our repertoire; we can simply stand out in the crowd and can always enjoy having the spotlight. Mens leather bomber jackets belong to such a league of jackets that needs no introduction at all.


These timeless pieces of fashion, being one of the most classic and vintage types, were introduced back in the era of World War I (WWI) and ever since they have never left the fashion arena. They have always been in trend and will continue with the same glamour and demand for a couple of decades to follow. From fighter jet pilots to celebrities and superstars, everyone finds these fashion pieces attractive, and they always have them in different styles and colors.

Every since leather outerwear began to gain popularity at the beginning of the 20th century, it was the trend of mens bomber leather jackets that gained momentum. These outerwear pieces have really been one of the finest ways to look classy, and there is nothing on earth that can be done better than donning a piece that compliments and adores your individuality. In mens fashion, these outerwear pieces have been imperative staples and are widely available in different colors and styles.

Outer material-wise, you may find these pieces available in different options like natural / genuine / real leather, faux / vegan / synthetic leather, suede, cotton, polyester, nylon, fleece and wool. It is one quite fascinating fact about these outerwear pieces as these are functional and, at the same time, truly elegant and classic. These pieces are renowned for projecting a style statement that gives you an edge and paves your way to stardom. At MovieStarJacket, we have an exclusive collection of brown and black leather bomber jacket to perfectly fit everyone’s taste and every season’s unique requirement.

Our range of leather outerwear is for people of different age groups, experiences and requirements. Understanding the different options based on material, color, size and style and choosing the one that best fits your need is definitely the first step to getting the right piece. Leather outerwear pieces do not come cheap, and by following our expert guidelines, you will be able to convert for expenditure into an investment. Investing in a wardrobe staple that will last long enough, and will mold to your body shape and will become a second skin is crucial. Here is our guide on how you can incorporate this piece into your life for different occasions and seasons:

Mens B3 Leather Bomber Flight Jacket

This piece is meant to be put on in winter. It perfectly balances style and functionality. Its classic look is powerful enough to make a strong style statement in the chilly season. These pieces come in black and brown colors in a wide range of styles and fur color options. With these pieces, it is recommended to stick to a minimalistic approach like a plain single color t-shit, a warm sweatshirt or a sweater.

Mens Classic Bomber Leather Jacket

This fashion piece is a perfect example of how a minimalistic approach can also be used to create a fashion masterpiece. Though everyone can wear it and youngsters love this style in particular. It is simple and effortless. It is available in different material options like natural / real leather, synthetic / faux leather, suede, polyester and cotton. It makes you move around effortlessly without any compromise on the styling aspect.

Mens Classic Bomber Leather Jacket

Mens Military Flight Jacket

The difference between a bomber jacket and a flight jacket is that the bomber jackets were worn by the bombing crews, while pilots and other air personnel wore the flight jackets. Today, a flight jacket is a type of casual jacket that popular cultures and fashion apparel have adopted. It is made up of materials like natural / genuine  real leather, vegan / faux / synthetic leather, cotton and nylon. It is a simple yet appealing piece of fashion and is simultaneously liked by all age groups.

Mens Military Flight Jacket

Mens Hooded Leather Jacket - detachable hood

Here comes another one, which you could be donning in the winter season. Generation-wise, it is one of the latest additions to jacketing trend. It has a casual street appearance, and it is one of the practical and stylish menswear options available for the gents. With its available in a wide range of styles and material options, these pieces are just love!

Mens Hooded Leather Jacket - detachable hood

Mens Letterman / Varsity Jacket

Talking about truly classic styles, how can one neglect the letterman / varsity jackets? We can trace their origin back to mid 18th century, but they began to gain popularity, especially amongst college and university goers in the 50s. Comparatively, they are economical ones, and another reason for their popularity is their availability in a wide range of color combinations and patches & embroideries.

Mens Letterman Varsity Jacket

Mens Leather Bomber Jackets Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Are mens bomber leather jackets in style?

 It is a timeless article, and you can never go wrong with it. The styles and designs keep changing based upon the trends, but its appeal and demand only keep increasing. Back in the early days, it used to be baggy, and it was in fashion. Now, slimmer styles are in demand and people are loving them.

What are the main features of a bomber jacket?

Style / design wise, a bomber jacket is defined by a shorter length, having a knitted waist-hem and rib-knit cuffs. It can be made of leather, cotton, fleece or wool. Some designs have folding collars, while some have rib-knit collars. These are the key attributes of a bomber jacket. Attributes like the placement of pockets and front closure can vary from design to design.

How should a leather bomber jacket fit?

The fit of such jackets is extremely important. It would be best if you were extremely cautious while selecting the size. It should neither be too light nor too loose. Another point to consider is if you would like to layer a sweatshirt or a sweater underneath, always make sure to opt for a size up. Pay special attention to the areas like your shoulders, chest and waist. The length of the sleeves also makes a significant change in the way how a bomber outerwear jacket looks.

Should a bomber leather jacket for men be baggy?

It should be snug, and the armholes should hug your armpits closely. The same goes for the cuffs and the waist. There should not be any room of more than three inches at any spot. Leather tends to stretch after use, so an already bigger jacket will turn out even bigger after usage. This type of jackets are not preferred in baggy style, but at the end of the day, it is your choice.

Can we use bomber jacket in the rain?

Leather is a waterproof material, but it is never a good idea to let your jacket be exposed to water. Getting water on its surface is not the problem; problems arise when the water dries out. Leather, in its finishing stage, is bound with oil, and when the water mixes up with its oil, the water molecules, when dry out, they also draw out the oil, which spoils the surface.

What was the original purpose of bomber jackets?

These articles were originally designed for fighter jet pilots during the era of WWII. They were meant for military use in the beginning. They were warm, comfortable and functional, allowing their carriers easy movements while keeping them warm and insulated at higher altitudes.

What do you wear inside a  bomber jacket?

When it gets colder, you can wear a sweatshirt, cashmere or a warm sweater underneath. These layering options will make you enjoy the warmth during the frigid cold. In normal weather, you can wear a plain one color T-shirt or a shirt.

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