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Pelle Pelle Jackets

Vintage Pelle Pelle Jacket Leather

Yes, you have read it right; it’s nothing but all Vintage Pelle Pelle Jacket. Here, we are dedicated to the clothing revolution that took place back in the 80’s & 90's, and it still can revolutionize today’s way of life. With its very first look, a Pelle Pelle Jacket enjoys the authority to empower the masses through bold and vivid colors, and when these funky leather jackets exude these colors, every wearer literally becomes a walking billboard on the streets in our urban culture. These colors not only highlight your personality but also boost it up and transform you into a style icon. A Pelle Pelle Jacket Leather symbolizes gallantry, poise, and style dominance in our urban culture. And this is the reason why you will see its signature logos everywhere on the jackets. And when you see that on your clothing, these logos will have a substantial impact on the spectators. When you opt to wear these outerwear pieces, you instantly become the ambassador of the hip-hop culture, influencing the spectators to look at you for fashion inspiration. These outerwear pieces push the boundaries and confront the concept of receptiveness and monotony, thus creating a unique aura around you with vocals about being an artistic and creative being.

Vintage Pelle Pelle Jacket Leather

Soda Club Jacket 90s

A Soda Club Jacket has a unique clothing style, and it pledges to bring a cultural and stylistic revolution to the world. They are also meant to resuscitate the American hip-hop culture of the 80s and 90s by introducing leather jackets blossomed in vivid colors, ostentatious labels and logos, and distinctive prints, studs, and embellishments. These are true urbanwear, which you can don on the street of your suburbs. The aesthetic look of this Jacket 90s is phenomenal and is something you do not commonly get to see around. They are elegant, unique, and flashy, making them a perfect recipe for standing different between thousands. They have been designed in such a way that they have an impact on the masses in more than one way. For instance, the gaudy embellishments, including graphics and logos, show off how gallant and audacious the wearer is. The display of bold and vivid colors exudes the strong influence of the urban and hip-hop lifestyle that has been openly embraced. People are usually attracted by slim fit (slimming) outwear pieces, and in the fitting area, they are also stand distinctive. Their baggy styles take you to a whole new level and turn you into a style billboard. These oversized jackets are becoming incredibly popular; we are sure you will love our collection.

pelle pelle jackets

Pelle Pelle Jacket Mens FAQs

When was Pelle Pelle launched?

Renowned urban fashion brand, Pelle Pelle was launched back in 1978. It was founded as a leather outerwear company, and is based in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Are all Pelle Pelle jackets made in real leather?

No, this is not true. Not all Pelle Pelle jackets are made in real leather. Top quality Faux / Vegan or Synthetic leather is also used to make these jackets.

Why are Pelle Pelle leather jackets so famous?

These are specialized jackets known for being brightly colored, boldly designed and highly embellished. They carry a distinctive retro vibe. These outerwear pieces target a very specific niche.

Does a vintage Pelle Pelle jacket still look cool?

If you like vibrant colors, bold designs and gaudy embellishment on your jacket, you are definitely going to like every bit of it. These jackets look cool and have a strong impact on the spectators.

What is Soda Club on Pelle Pelle Biker jacket?

The writing of "Soda Club" on these jackets is a part of brand’s continuous commitment to offering unique and luxurious collection. This specialized collection comes with distinguishing designs and features vibrant colors and intricate styling.

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