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Question: What is the best leather for jackets and coats?

Answer: The best leather for jackets and coats is considered to be none other than full-grain leather. Full-grain leather is processed and made from the top layer of the animal hide; therefore, it is meant to keep the natural grain and characteristics of the skin intact. It is also well-known for its long-term good life, natural exquisiteness, and premium touch and feel. Over the other types of commonly used leather in garments, full-grain cowhide leather is considered to be the best among all, offering its premium qualities and rich characteristics to the service of its wearers.

Question How do I clean or maintain my leather jacket?

Answer: In order to clean or maintain your beloved leather jacket (it is applied to all leather garments), you are required to take a soft and damp piece of cloth or a sponge and then smoothly wipe off any stains or dirt from it. Never use any harsh chemicals, as they can cause damage to the surface of the leather. Apart from that, it is also recommended to condition the leather products at regular intervals. A quality leather conditioner or cream is meant to keep leather moisturized and prevents it from drying out or cracking.

Question: What is the difference between real / natural / genuine leather and synthetic / faux / PU leather?

Answer: The real / natural / genuine leather products are the ones that are made from leather extracted from animal hides. Different animal skins have different characteristics, and so are reflected in the products made out of it. On the other hand, synthetic / faux / PU leather products are made from artificial leather or leather-like material that is manufactured in factories using different fibers and thermoplastic polymers. Both types have their own pros and cons, and based on your preference, you can decide which type you should opt for.

Question: Do you only sell genuine / real leather jackets and coats in your store?

Answer: Our products are made from genuine / real leather unless specified otherwise. We strongly believe in offering our valued customers the highest quality and top-class outerwear jackets and coats. Each product’s specification and description clearly mention all the details, including the information about the type of leather used. It ensures transparency and will give you confidence in confirming the authenticity and legitimacy of our products.

Question: What size should I choose for leather jackets?

Answer: Remember, choosing the right size for an outerwear piece is important as it assures a comfortable and complimenting fit. In order to assist you in choosing the correct size, we have provided a concise Size Chart with each product detail page. And it does not help; we also have a dedicated page for our comprehensive Size Chart, which includes chest, sleeve length, and shoulder measurements along with the respective US sizes. We recommend that please measure yourself and then, based on your body measurements, determine the appropriate size. To learn how to measure yourself correctly, please visit our dedicated blog post on the said topic.

Question: Do you offer custom-made leather garments?

Answer: Since we are an established eCommerce brand with its own manufacturing and processing facilities, we are proud to offer our valued customers the option of “custom-made” or “specialized” leather garments. We completely understand that everyone has their own personalized preferences and body structure, and by providing custom-made / tailor-made services, we ensure a perfect fit tailored to your specific requirements. To do it, you can either select the option of “Custom-size” from “Choose a Size” field, OR you can contact our customer support via your preferred way to get it done for you.

Question: Which is a better choice between lambskin leather and cowhide leather?

Answer: Both lambskin leather and cowhide leather are two of the most commonly used genuine / real leather types in garments, and either of them can be a better choice for you if you know the pros and cons of both types. Whereas lambskin leather is known for its soft and supple touch, cowhide is known for its durability and general wear and tear resistance. Both have a luxurious feel as both are genuine leather, and it's up to you which one you would like to go with.

Question: Can leather garments be altered or resized?

Answer: Yes, leather garments can be altered or resized, but a professional leather tailor or craftsman should only do it. Leather is an exclusive material, and to alter or resize a leather outerwear piece, it needs specialized skills, tools, and different types of equipment. Only a specialized craftsman can make alteration or resizing to a piece of garment, or the integrity and aesthetic is bound to ruin. These garments also come with lining, which must be adjusted accordingly, and only a professional leather tailor knows how to make such adjustments precisely and correctly.

Question: Do leather garments stretch over time?

Answer: Yes, leather has the tendency to can stretch over time, and the same applies to garments made of leather. With regular wear, leather garments can naturally mold and match your body’s shape with time. Over here, it is crucial to bear in mind that with excessive stretching or putting excessive stress on leather will become the reason for its permanent damage and deformation. Therefore, it is advisable not to voyage with overstretching and always select the right size as a first step. It will not only fit you the best but also it will ensure the longevity and long-term useful life of the garment.

Question: Are your leather products sourced ethically?

Answer: As a reputed eCommerce brand, we have always been committed to ethical practices in the business. We strive to source our raw materials exclusively from reputable and verifiable suppliers only. While selecting any supplier, we prioritize those who strictly adhere to standards of animal welfare and as well as environmental sustainability. We aim to make certain that our leather garments are sourced from credible and authentic sources only, and we, as a brand, always abide by ethical and societal principles.

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