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Nightwing Leather Jacket

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Nightwing Leather Jacket


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$89.00   (You save $30.00)
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30 Days Return & Exchange
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Halloween Discount Offer Extra $25 Discount

Coupon Code: HALLOWEEN25

Product Specifications:
  • Available In Both Synthetic & Real Leather Editions
  • Inside Polyester Lining
  • Standup Collar
  • Front Zip Closure
  • Zip Fastening Cuffs


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Product Description:

Nightwing Leather Jacket - Resuscitate The Superhero Within

What if you get an opportunity to carry a sleek and trendy fashion piece that emits audacity and heroism? An outerwear piece that symbolizes the prodigy of an iconic superhero character from a fictional world of comics and tales? What you have just nodded with affirmation, this outerwear piece will surely meet your expectations. It is available in both Synthetic / Vegan and Real / Genuine leather editions, and no matter what your belief is, you can always have one for you. Where the Synthetic / Vegan one offers you a “green” and eco-friendly alternative, the one made of Real / Genuine leather offers you a rich and luxurious option. Likewise its exterior, the inside also has a perfect go with it, and to ensure so, it comes lined with the finest quality Polyester lining. Its lining makes sure that you feel unparallel and unmatched, and the moment you put it on, that moment becomes one of the most contented ones for that day. The comfort level matters a lot in clothing; in that domain, it also gets full marks. On one end, it ensures a comfortable fit; on the other, it makes it suitable for almost every weather condition. With this dressing-up option in your wardrobe, you will be both stylish and comfortable at the same time. Features-wise, it gets the contemporary standup collar heading a full zip fastening front closure. The designer of it has also added a “V” shape straps detail in iconic blue color at its chest, both at its front and back. It will make you look distinctively appealing and stylish as this innovative idea remains uncommon and exceptional.

Dick Grayson Nightwing Leather Jacket - Topnotch Quality Within Reach

The combo of black and blue color over its exterior awards it an attention-grabbing and mesmerizing look, and when you wear it, you are definitely going to steal the show. These blue straps also appear on the shoulders and sleeves, which not only compliments its overall look but also completes it by giving its style a balance or an equilibrium position. To give you storage to carry your belongings, it comes with two zip pockets at the waist along with two inside pockets. While the external pockets with zipper offer you moderate-level storage space to carry your essentials, the hidden inside pockets let you carry your valuable essentials unnoticed. These inside storage compartments come in handy when you have to carry something precious or valuable tactfully. This clearly displays its designer’s user-friendly approach and how keen he had been in that particular area while imagining and crafting it for real, forming it into existence. Its sleeves also get one of the most hip and demanded styles, i.e., zip fastening cuffs with webbings. This style in cuffs has been around for quite some time, but despite that, we still have not had enough of it. The zip fastening cuffs also assure a custom-fit-like feel and allow you to adjust their grip on the wrist as per your desire and requirement. The stitching of it is done neat and clean, and its back side endorses it. At the back, it gets the innovative style of quilted detail at the waist length. Apart from that, the rest of its stitching detail shows how its craftsmen have paid meticulous attention in that area and showcase their top-notch skills.   



Based On 9 Reviews


Product Reviews

  1. Highly recommended

    Posted by S. S. Felton

    I trust Movie Star Jacket. I have been buying from them since 2018 and I have not been disappointed in them. They are the men of their commitments. They deliver the goods on time even overseas. One time I was on vacations in Venice and they even delivered a coat within the specified delivery frame. My son has been a fan of this jacket and I bought it for him. He is 17 and wear a S. Like always, their jacket was in perfect size for him. I always recommend them to everyone, who wants to buy leather jackets online.

  2. Thank you!

    Posted by David H.

    I found your website just a day before my only son's birthday. Was ready to pay whatever it takes but I needed it shipped overnight. Although the support mentioned it clearly that they would not be able to make it on time but I did not like it. Anyhow, I placed the order as I had already thought of a gift as a backup. The package came on the 3rd day but I was glad to see what was inside. A good quality jacket for my son! He liked it and often wears it. Thank you & wish you lot of success.

  3. Appealing jacket

    Posted by Jordan Lattimore

    Purchased it for my son who wears a size XL. I bought it in the exact size XL and the size was good on him. The look is good and material seems good quality. My only concern is if it had a better lining material inside, it would be a game changer. The style is appealing and the combo of black and blue looks fantastic.

  4. Legit!!!

    Posted by Bobby

    This seller is very cooperative. Their customer support is helpful. I was skeptical whether or not to place an order but after chatting them on Whatsapp, I decided to give it a try. When the package came, I was over the moon! It came into a nice recyclable green packaging and the jacket came very beautiful. They are on American size guide and the quality is evident in every seam. The inside material is also soft and is smooth when touches the skin. Highly recommend him.

  5. Best cuts

    Posted by Ronald Morgan

    I’m 6’3’’ weighing just over 220 lbs and I will say their jacket's fitting stunned me. It leaves only marginal room for a t-shirt underneath. That is exactly I needed. It got me feeling like a BIG MAN ROAMING BRUV. PURE MADNESS. JK!!!

  6. Same as pictures

    Posted by Bob

    I received the screen accurate jacket. Exactly as being shown in the pictures. I ordered a 'M' and it fits me like a charm. Thank god I did not order a size up. The material is good and I think it will last for a couple of seasons. I highly recommend Moviestarjacket

  7. Great value!

    Posted by Harvey Durham

    This store offers great value to the money. It was my 3rd purchase from them and I am quite satisfied with them. They timely deliver the orders even on the main events like Halloween and Christmas. You can trust them.

  8. My honest review

    Posted by Eric

    Overall this product has pretty decent quality. It looks nice. Their synthetic leather is soft and lustrous. I like it. I bought the "L" size as I normally wear it in jackets and their sizes are accurate. Stitching is good. My only complaint would be that if it came with the zippers on inside pockets , I would be more than glad. Please forward it as a suggestion to the concern department. I will be back soon before Halloween for purchasing similar jackets. Thank you!

  9. My modest review!!

    Posted by Matt

    To begin with, I already own some seriously well-built leather jackets (AllSaints most of them) & they all keep getting better even with age. They are Expensive as heck, but are value for money as some of them are even more than 10 years old! All I want is to have different designs available and I was in a mood to spend some of my money on another leather jacket but this time, I was looking for something different. So naturally, I surfed the internet and landed to this page. I looked at the numbers in their size chart and they were on Western sizes. I ordered a Medium and guess what, I placed the order on Sunday midnight and the package was there already on Wednesday afternoon! When I opened it up, I was like.....WOW!!!

    As an experienced user & a big leather jacket fan, I wouldn't really care if it isn’t a $500 jacket or what its worth is; I needed it to look GOOD and looks were there already! It looks at least 2x times better than the ad photos. It doesn't have that nauseating “loose hanging” look at all as that is the case with most of the Cheap jackets. The leather is soft and I can easily tell its Lambskin leather. I will give the lining and general stitching a fair rating as they appear to be JUST FAIR definitely not as robust as in the case with AllSaints ones. I can reckon even with rough and tumble wear, it will last for a couple of good seasons while maintaining its looks.

    It does fit very well & their size is accurate to the core. I will never suggest you an upsize or anything larger will ruin its looks, at least it worked great for me!!!! So overall..... I will rate it as a GOOD BUY & VALUE FOR MONEY. If you want a good looking jacket without overstretching your budget, buy this jacket. BUT if you are planning on utilizing it for carrying out outdoor & physical things much in this, I'd say be gentle with it or don't get mad, if it only lasts for 2 or 3 seasons.

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