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Riverdale Southside Serpents Jacket

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Riverdale Southside Serpents Jacket


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Free Gift Offer GET EXTRA $10 Discount

Coupon Code:NEWYEAR

Product Specifications:
  • Available In Both Synthetic & Real Leather Editions
  • Inside Quilted Polyester Lining
  • Lapel Collar With Snap-tab Buttons
  • Front Asymmetrical Zip closure
  • Embroidered Tags / Labels At The Back


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Product Description:

Southside Serpents Jacket

This time of the year, treat yourself with an awe-inspiring fashion piece notorious for its stylishness and boldness. Being a purely rebellious outerwear piece, it exudes an aura featuring swag, poise, and audacity. Roots deep in the outlawed biking and underground motorcycling community, this outerwear piece has already been featured in a renowned TV series, and whether you are its fan or an avid enthusiast of fashion, you can’t stay at arm’s length from its appeal and magnetism. The moment you get hold of it, you begin to realize how attractive it is and how it is going to compliment your individuality when you wear it and walk on the streets of your suburb.

Riverdale Leather Jacket

We respect everyone’s beliefs, and this is the reason why we have both the Synthetic / Vegan and Real / Genuine leather editions available in our store, and based upon your preference between eco-friendly and luxurious alternatives, you can choose either of them and give your personality a significant style boost. It comes in black base color, which automatically authenticates its biker / motorcycle association. Premium quality quilted Polyester has been used in its lining, which assures to its best that you feel nothing but truly remarkable wearing it. The lining ensures a butter-smooth wearing experience, letting you enjoy the warmth and take pleasure of it to the max.

Riverdale Southside Serpents Jacket

It comes fully loaded with striking features like a lapel collar with snap-tab buttons, an asymmetrical front zip closure, and shoulder epaulets. These features endorse its biker / motorcycle association as these are must-haves in any hardcore biker / motorcycle jacket, and they are meant to add a touch of edge and attitude of rebellious temperament to your persona. The addition of shoulder epaulets gives it a tint of masculinity and machoism, creating an eye-catching look. Every feature single-handedly contributes to building its renowned appearance and constructing its skyscraping image and huge fan base.

Southside Serpents Leather Jacket

Adding to the functionality of it is a set of three zip fastening external / front pockets with a zip pocket at the chest and two diagonal zip fastening front pockets at the waist. Apart from that, a set of two pockets have also been added inside, so carrying your belongings would never be a hassle with it. It has zip fastening cuffs with webbings that assure a custom-fit, and they also add to the aesthetics of it. This feature not only flatters its biker / motorcycle look but also completes it by awarding it everything that is needed. In order to ensure a good fit at the waist, it has been awarded with a belt at the waist length.

Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Added at the back is a set of three broad embroidered tags that also serve as its signature feature. There is an addition of a noticeable two-headed snake / serpent embroidered tag / label, mainly in green color. The double-headed ferocious reptile is seen flicking out both of its tongues in an aggressive manner. There are also two broad tags, one written with “SOUTH SIDE” and the second one written with “SERPENTS”. This whole package of tags gives it a distinctive and authoritative look. These tags provide further emphasis on its association with the outlawed biker / motorcycle community. You have numerous wearing options with it, but it is recommended to wear it over a plain white t-shirt and a pair of fitted jeans and riding boots to unlock its maximum potential.



Based On 7 Reviews


Product Reviews

  1. Premium Quality

    Posted by David

    Whether you’re a fan of Riverdale series or not, this jacket will surely blow you away like it did to me. It’s so amazing, and I love it. Its bold design is indeed intriguing. The overall quality is wonderful, and it is evident in its every seam. It is true to the size as I wear a Large, bought the same size from them, and it fits perfect. I bought it in natural leather, and it looks and feels premium.

  2. Beautiful jacket

    Posted by Neil L.

    I am a proud owner of this beautiful jacket and have found it to be pretty cool! It looks 100% like what’s there in their images. I am a fan of its construction. It’s solidly built does not really look like an under <$150.00 leather jacket. The quality is topnotch, but I think I inside material needs to be improved. I do not know which material has been used there, but I am sure that there would be better option available. The seller is legit and I recommend him.

  3. Highly recommended!!!

    Posted by Christopher

    I had been looking for this beautiful jacket for quite a long time. After all of my research, I finally bought it from this seller. This seller is timely fulfilled all the commitments. I would recommend definitely him on that! I am big guy with 50’’ chest, and regret not buying a 4XL. A number of sellers are selling this jacket online, and I was really skeptical where to buy it. I contacted this seller, asked a number of questions to their customer support before placing my order, and only after I was given satisfactory replies, I placed the order. I am glad I did it. Highly recommended.

  4. Fits me as expected

    Posted by Steven J.

    I got this amazing jacket from Moviestarjacket store, and I'm pleased with my purchase. It's stitched well, and looks premium. Although, the faux leather does look decent, if it would have been a little shiner, that would be really nice. It is true to the US sizes, and their Medium fits me as expected. I would give FULL MARKS to the delivery, as it came a day even before the expected time! That was impressive!!! The inside material is also very good, and even I could comfortable wear it on my bare body, but I would recommend a plain white T-shirt underneath. Thank you guys for this amazing jacket and I would recommend this jacket.

  5. The best jacket ever!

    Posted by Ivan

    First off, this jacket has a wonderful price tag! I have bought it in real leather and the quality I got out of it, it is a steal deal! BTW the jacket is not as slimfit as it appears in the photos but I happily accept it and I think it looks perfect as it is and is way better than expected. It is in super-light weight and in the mean time, it is still warm enough to be put on in the Winter. The overall comfort is up to the mark for sure. It does come with two inner pockets along with three outside pockets so carrying stuffs is not an issue at all. I further say that I gotta love its pockets specially the waist ones! They keep the hands warm and as well as provide extra space and most importantly, they look good too. Again for its size, I did not listen to the people saying it would be smaller than expected and ordered the actual size for me and I am happy with it. Don't blindly listen to others. Go for your actual size as their size chart is accurate. Just measure yourself correctly and select the best size from their size chart and it will just fit. No doubt as it is my best online purchase so far! I highly recommend this seller.

  6. Comfortable to wear

    Posted by Terrance Coleman

    The great Southside jacket, the material is soft, I feel so relaxed

  7. I love their SAVE10 offer

    Posted by Mack Lindeman

    I got it with their SAVE10 offer and I am pretty happy that I found it while looking for this jacket. Perfect size and wonderful looking serpents patch at the back. My friends also like the way it looks. No complaints.

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