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Cowhide Leather vs Buffalo Leather Know The Difference With MovieStarJacket

Cowhide Leather

Real / Genuine leather is synonymous with luxuriousness, superiority, durability, and versatility. For centuries, it has been used to manufacture tons and tons of different products. It is extracted from the hides of different animals ranging from the farm (domesticated) ones to the wild ones. And this source plays a vital role in determining its quality of it. Going parallel with it, the tanning process and the finishing techniques also make a significant difference in contributing to its qualities and characteristics. When we talk about toughness, durability, and versatility, the two most common options are Cowhide leather and buffalo skin leather. Today in this blog, MovieStarJacket will be honored to throw some light on them their differences.
Cowhide leather, as the name suggests, it is the one that is extracted from the hides of domestic cows. It is proven to be a robust, durable, and resilient material. One of the prime features is its toughness and strength. It is naturally a thick material and can withstand regular wear and tear. Products made out of it can last even for decades, making it a great investment choice. It is also a highly resilient material meaning that it can easily resist scratches and scruffs. It also resists punctures making it perfect to be used in garments. Apart from regular products, specialized products like motorcycle safety jackets are also made from it.
Now let’s throw some light on Buffalo leather. As the name suggests, it is extracted from the bison / buffalos. This type of leather is considered to be even tougher and stronger than the former type, and its strength is determined by the thickness of the animal hide, in which it is naturally thicker. Grain-wise, nature has gifted it with more grains than the former type, and that is why it is not stretched during its processing, and that is how the artisans and manufacturers protect its grains. Because of its unmatched strength, it is commonly used to make leather English Saddle bags like totes, backpacks, holdall bags messenger-satchels-bags, and duffle-bags 

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