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Shipping Policy – Moviestarjacket.com

We do understand that after placing an order, the thing which is awaited the most is the delivery of the order and so is our Delivery and Shipment Policy made to clear all the qualms and questions by stating everything with regards to the shipment and the delivery of the orders from our store. The following points pertain to our concerned policy.

  • All the orders, placed at our store, shall be delivered within 8 to 10 working days.
    • It must be known here that the countdown for the said delivery time starts after the payment for the order is confirmed.
    • The said time is only applicable for the standard-size products. For made-to-measure orders, the delivery time is 15 to 18 working days.
  • As an assurance of the quality, we do not offer rush / expedite deliveries. In case of an urgency to get the order, always contact us at info@moviestarjacket.com prior ordering.
  • MovieStarJacket has a strategic alliance with world’s top class courier venders including FedEx, DHL, UPS and etc for the delivery of the orders all around the world.
  • We use the Express Courier Service of the aforesaid vendors, which generates us a tracking number for each order dispatched. The tracking number enables to have a track over the order at any time during the transit. The same tracking information is corresponded to our customers within 24 to 48 hours after the shipment is made.
  • Your physical address is needed to make the delivery of your order to your doorstep. Also, do provide your telephone / cell phone number so that we may correspond you any other details.
    • Please note that we do not make the delivery over FPO and/or APO addresses, so always provide your physical address for avoiding any inconvenience of late / de-expedited delivery resulting from the provision of PO / FPO and/or APO addresses.
  • Since our products have premium quality; the custom authorities may impose duties and taxes over them and you would be required to pay those duties and taxes before having your order. We make our utmost effort to save your orders from custom authorizes by declaring undervaluing the orders and marking them as ‘GIFT’.
    • Please note that despite making all the efforts, if your order is charged with any duties and taxes, you should pay them as it is the matter of your local custom authorities.
    • Please note that this option may only be opted by the customers upon their request. For any further query, please contact us at info@moviestarjacket.com
  • If, for any whatsoever reasons, you are not able to collect the delivery of your order when the shipment is made by the courier; your order would be held by the courier for a specific time and you may request your local courier vendor for a delivery re-attempt.
    • Please do note that after a specific time is elapsed and you do not have the delivery reattempted; the courier would ship your order back to us and in this case, you would be required to pay the shipment fee again coupled with any other taxes and/or handling charges imposed either by the custom authorities or the courier vendor.
  • Please be known that for assuring the timely delivery of your orders, we may opt to ship you your orders from our warehouses set-up offshore or even directly from any of our Production facilities so you should be ready to accept delivery from any part of the world.

We concretely believe that the aforesaid clauses of our Delivery & Shipment Policy crystal-clearly state each and every aspect of it. For any further query in this regard, you can always contact us at info@moviestarjacket.com

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